"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it". – Simon Sinek

There’s a reason for most things we do in life. And most of the time, “why?” has an easy answer. Because it’s fun. Because it’s right. Because we love them.

But in business, it’s not always so easy. We get so wrapped up in ‘what’ we are doing, we lose sight of ‘why’. But the why is what makes us different. Others might offer similar products or services, but it’s why you do it that sets you apart. Knowing, understanding and communicating why you’re there gives you a special vibrancy and vigour that can’t be replicated.

With the help of Kim Macfie and Felicity Cawood, you’ll get that clarity of purpose clearly articulated. We have a proven method to help you extract all of that stuff that’s impossible to articulate, but which drives you.

Kim’s behind the principal methodology. She’ll ask you a series of questions that give us – and you – insight into your value proposition, and what separates you, and your business, from everyone else. We want to develop a message that not only inspires, but stimulates feelings of trust and loyalty.

Then Felicity gets creative and brings it to life, crafting tangibles that show what makes your heart beat, what keeps you moving every day.

It all comes from you, your thoughts and your words. We just articulate it and shape it. Expect to be surprised, intrigued, and liberated.

It might be bold. It might feel risky. But we know it’ll work – because it will be you.

To find out more about the theory behind our methodology please go to www.startwithwhy.com or have a listen for 18 minutes, to: Simon Sinek | How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Organisations and individuals we have worked with include
Professional Value Proposition/Personal Why’s

Dion Cawood

'Unforeseeable future'
Innovation & Transformation Advisor
Livestock Improvement Corporation

Alex Fear

'This place for you guys'
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Helen Camilleri

‘Look after people’
People and Brand Executive
Gallagher Group Ltd

Erin Wansbrough

‘You are enough’
Chief Executive
Soda Inc – Waikato business incubator

LEad Team

Felicity Cawood

‘Bringing beautiful to life’
Art Director
The Limbic System

Kim Macfie

‘Full potential is just the beginning’
The Limbic System

Mary Orton

‘Keep it simple, take great pride’
Studio Director
The Limbic System


I was already a big fan of Simon Sinek since the famous 2009 Ted Talk – I got it, the theory was gold, it resonated – but the lack of a ‘codified process’ that would help those hungry for more (i.e., me) to work out how they get to that ‘lightbulb’ moment was just frustrating. Along comes The Limbic System…

Helen Camilleri
People & Brand Executive - Gallagher

PRO-FORM is a company that grew up in a relatively easy and non-competitive market. We always had the best products, the best service and quality; and there was not much competition, so success came reasonably easily. That changed with the introduction of Asian-based competition who worked

Chief Executive Officer - PRO-FORM​

Creating a new business identity to sing out to the world was not only made easy, but very potent, by The Limbic System. The Limbic System succinctly captured what it is that we are fuelled by. The Company You Keep immerses its own clients in a process designed to help them tap into, reveal and accelerate their…

Founder - The Company You Keep